Designed with commuter convenience in mind.

Technical specifications

50 miles 


35 mph 

Top speed

1Kw hub motor

Motor size


Battery size





Height (1m)


Length (3.4m)

Width (1.2m)

Charge anywhere

The battery is small and removeable meaning it can be taken into your home or place of work to store and recharge easily.

Leaf spring suspension

The suspension of the trike allows it to travel of varying road terrain whilst maintaining a smooth and comfortable ride.

Hydraulic disc brakes

Powerful hydraulic disk brakes mean you can stop quickly and effectively in the case of an emergency.


The 428 fashions a powerful headlight for better visibility on the roads for both you and other drivers.


The 428 comes equipped with a sleek HUD so you can monitor and adjust your driving.

50 mile range

Travel far and wide with the 428 due to its lightweight and highly efficient design.

Other features include:

Reverse function

For those tight city streets and parallel parks the 428 includes a reverse function so you can get in and out of any space.

Luggage storage

The storage compartment can store three bags of groceries or bags for work/school.

Self assembly

The 428 requires some hands on self assembly to keep cost down, letting you be a part of the building process.

Prices starting at £2499 

Beginning with a

£250 deposit