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Giving you the tools to change the world.

Northern Light Motors don't design your average electric vehicle. We make something much more profound. 

At Northern Light Motors our goal is to create renewable and affordable travel all with super car looks and classic british car design. Our range of vehicles give you the power to take a big step in the direction of a greener future without breaking your bank.

Meet the Team

Graham Browne
Designer and CEO
Dan Boardman
Chief Engineer
Nico Sergent
Electronics guru

Our Journey


Since 1998, Graham Browne has worked as an Automotive Designer and Digital Designer in various sectors.  His early career was focused on lightweight composite sports cars and low volume niche vehicles. 


The low volume and low cost nature of these developments allowed considerable design freedom and resulted in some highly individual and acclaimed designs, such as the TVR Tuscan Convertible, TVR Sagaris, TVR T400R Le Mans car and the Scamander amphibious vehicle.


In 2016, Graham began to think seriously about low cost, zero emission transport.  This emerging market seemed immature and full of possibilities; as yet not even fully understood, let alone realised. 


Over the course of 2016-2020, Graham set about using his experience to imagine what people might be driving in a few years time.  All in his spare time.



Since 2010, Graham has focused on digital design and had contracts with Jaguar-Landrover, Bentley and Dyson.  As a result, he has had considerable exposure to design and production methods ranging from low budget ventures to multi-million pound programs.




By the spring of 2020, these efforts had resulted in the build of the first Northern Light Motors prototype.  And as the pandemic took hold, not only was Graham able to focus more time on the development, but it was now clear that the penny had dropped for others too.  The timing was perfect.


During the summer of 2020, the NLM prototype was tested extensively and performed beyond our expectations.   It is as efficient as we hoped, but crucially, it has been received better than we ever imagined.  Each outing brings a new wave of compliments and fans.  And this led to the decision to now focus on delivering production vehicles. 



Production tooling is now complete and the team is currently focused on testing production intent vehicles and setting up a production line to build the growing number of pre-order vehicles.

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