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Deposit for 428-Blue

Deposit for 428-Blue


A better bike for town or country. 


    The 428 is designed with the convenience commutier in mind.  Whether you’re travelling from the suburbs to the city for your daily commute or a student with a long trek to college. It is for the purist or those looking to benefit from the exercise offered by none-assisted cycling.


    This 428 model offers the pilot full crash protection and some weather protection.  


    All of the optional extras available in our catalogue can be added now, or in the future, as lifestyle dictates.


    Alternatively, you can upgrade the 428 with your own eBike components, we want to encourage user tweeks!


    Self assembly is required, but nothing more complex than building a typical crate bicycle. With an extra wheel.


    • Pultruded Composite Wishbone Suspension


    • Large luggage compartment.


    • 50 mph capable.


    • Zero emissions.


    • Human electric hybrid.


    • Removable battery, charge in the home or office.


    • All-round hydraulic disc brakes.


    • Double skinned,  composite monocoque construction.


    • Large diameter wheels and deliberately designed narrow-to-wide crumple zones to absorb and deflect impacts.



  • -

    • Roll hoop.


    • Low drag/high speed capable design.


    • 1.2 metre wide, much more stable in corners than competing designs. 


    • Tr​​acking available.


    • 52kgs


    • Some self assembly to keep cost down


additional features.

If you're someone who likes to rise above the ordinary we can help you customize your trike so it tailors to the way you ride.

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