Daily travelling

needs in all weather conditions.

Technical specifications

Width (1.2m)

50 miles 



Top speed

1Kw hub motor

Motor size


Battery size





Height (1m)


Length (3.4m)

Electric assistance

The battery is small and removeable meaning it can be taken into your home or place of work to store and recharge easily.

Geared for all weather

The 557 features a detachable roof and weather gear as standard to make sure you are protected in all elements.

Leaf spring suspension

The suspension of the trike allows it to travel of varying road terrain whilst maintaining a smooth and comfortable ride.

Hydraulic disc brakes

Powerful hydraulic disk brakes mean you can stop quickly and effectively in the case of an emergency.


The 557 fashions a powerful headlight for better visibility on the roads for both you and other drivers.

Tail light

The 557 also comes with a tail light for increased visibility from behind.


As well as a tail light the 557 also includes dynamic repeater indicators to give more awareness of your movements on the road.


The 557 comes equipped with a sleek HUD so you can monitor and adjust your driving.

50+ mile range

Travel for extended distances with the 557 due to its lightweight design.

Vinyl wrapped body

The 557 has a vinyl wrapped covering over the entire body for extra durability of the finish.

Other features include:

USB connectivity

The 557 includes a USB charging port for your mobile phone and navigation devices.

Luggage storage

The storage compartment can store three bags of groceries or bags for work/school.

Touchscreen interface

With the 557 you also get a touchscreen HUD interface making your

e-bike all the more Tony Stark.

Prices starting at £3499 


Beginning with a

£250 deposit