How fast is it?

As fast as you can pedal it. To a point. Sustaining 35mph should be possible for those of average to good fitness. The race ECU allows electrical assistance to 45mph with no human effort. Pedaling whilst stationary results in stored human effort that can be used in bursts for quicker acceleration or higher top speeds.

How secure is it?

The NLM range is available with GPS tracking technology. It is too large to be easily lifted and removed in a car or standard van. The usual bicycle lock mechanisms are also applicable.

How much luggage does it hold?

Around 3-4 large bags of groceries.

What does 428, 557 and 630 signify?

The models are named after the wavelengths of the colours visible in the northern lights. 428 being blue, 557 being green and at the highest altitudes, 630 red.

What is the range of the battery?

50 plus miles is achievable in the 428 and 557 with moderate human effort and none aggressive driving. Larger batteries are available in our options list and 250 miles is achievable before battery weight starts to impact handling. With this in mind we are for now offering a 10AH and 20AH option. The 20AH is standard in the 630 and can help to propel you 100 miles. And the battery is totally portable, so can be recharged from any standard outlet.

How much does it weigh?

Depending on spec, final weights will be in the range of 50-55 kgs, although we are currently focused on further reducing this prior to delivery.

What colours are avalible?

Those illustrated. As Henry Ford appreciated at the start, simplicity is key.

Why does the prototype have no chain?

The whole range uses a series hybrid system, the pedaling motion charges the battery. And this power is then delivered to the rear wheel, along with the legally allowed amount of assistance for a given territory. The transmission features regenerative braking and human power storage.

What are the safety features?

The NLM range has been designed with safety in mind. All of the contactable areas are well above bumper height of other traffic, the narrow ends deflect the majority of impacts and the crumple zones are massive. The safety cell around the pilot is double skinned for side impact and incorporates a roll hoop. Even the claw at the rear is designed specifically to ensure that the vehicle is deflected in impacts from the rear.

Does it have all round suspension?

Yes, composite leaf springs that are very lightweight compared to other suspension systems.

Will I fit in it?

Most people should fit fine although those who are unusually small, wide or tall may not. Those below 6’2, above 5,2 and less than 120 kgs should be fine.

Can I invest in Northern Light Motors?

Probably, but we are focusing on larger investment above £30,000 at the moment.

What are the dimensions?

Width: 1.28m Length: 3.4m Height: 1.15m

Is it legal in my country?

The maximum continuous power can be limited to suit local requirements. Generally speaking, this is 250w in the UK and Europe, 750w in the USA and 500w in Canada. The race ECU (1kw) is designed for track use only, but can be swapped in a matter of seconds.

What is the race ECU?

A separate interchangeable ECU to unlock the full potential of the 1kw motor in unrestricted mode. To be used on track or off road only, at the users own risk.

I have a questioned not covered here.

Please contact us directly.

Is my deposit refundable?

No, we have intentionally kept the deposit figure low, to mitigate the risk to you. Since we are a new and as yet, small company, risk is present, but relatively tiny, compared with similar start-ups of this nature... Having said that, the CEO of the company, to date, has never, not delivered a vehicle as promised. Over a 22 year career in automotive design on the following projects: TVR Tuscan 1998 Designer, interior and exterior. TVR T400-440-Typhon Principal Designer, interior and exterior. TVR T350 Designer, interior. TVR Sagaris Chief Designer, interior and exterior. Tuscan convertible and Tuscan 2 Chief Designer, interior and exterior. Scamander amphibious vehicle Chief Designer, interior and exterior. Jaguar F-Type Coupe show car and production car Lead Digital Designer, interior and exterior. Bentley Bentayga Interior Digital Designer, advanced and Strak. Bentley Continental Interior Digital Designer, advanced and Strak. Bentley Flying Spur Interior Digital Designer Strak. Bentley EXP 100 Concept car Interior Advanced Digital Designer. Dyson electric vehicle Exterior Advanced Digital Designer. Future Bentley project Exterior Strak Digital Designer. Future Bentley project Exterior advanced Digital Designer. Future Bentley project Exterior Strak Digital Designer.

What about import duty?

Any additional duties for your region will be applied to the purchase cost.

What about delivery costs?

These costs will depend on where you are and where you choose to receive your beautiful vehicle. This can be facilitated and charged by us, or taken care of by you. We don't seek to profit from this logistic.

What is the NLM classed as? Is it a bicycle?

Yes. In the UK, Europe and across the pond, bicycles with an additional legally governed quantity of electrical assistance are still classed as bicycles. It is our intention, and always has been, to operate within this class. However, legal definitions are continually adjusted around the world and we will therefore restrict the amount of assistance requested by you for your given use in a particular territory, during the final build process.

I have placed a deposit but want to specify my final options.

Don’t worry, we will be in contact when your build is scheduled to start to make sure that your spec is finalised at that point. This is the same point in time when full payment is required.

E-bikes have an assistance cut off at 15.5mph in the UK, how is the top speed faster than this?

The unique series hybrid system in the NLM’s range allows human effort to be stored and deployed when required. If you imagine cycling on a traditional bicycle, even with electrical assistance, there are peaks in terms of required effort. Climbing hills or accelerating being the obvious examples. But with a series hybrid configured cleverly, human effort can be accumulated when demand is relatively low. For example when stationary or travelling down hill. And when braking, this spent energy can be reaccumulated through regenerative braking. But of course, it is even possible to pedal whilst braking, to store extra free energy for your next boosted launch.

In addition to this, the aerodynamic drag of the NLM’s is relatively tiny when compared to tradition bicycles, so sustaining relatively high speed even when the “assistance” is turned off is possible. This is how our range differs from the prior art. Other than all of the other advantages listed already.

Cycle to work scheme, can I get a big discount?

In the UK at least, it is possible to get a saving of up to 42% off the purchase price of a bicycle. Speak to your employer to get further details. The scheme is designed to save the employer money too.


How soon can I expect delivery?

Early deposit holders can expect delivery late 2021, but this is dependant on restrictions due to the pandemic and demand. You will be kept informed of progress and the balance isn’t due until immediately prior to your build and delivery. Please sign up to our newsletter to stay informed.